get a trainee from denmark

for mutual benefit

Vocational education and training

We offer our students the opportunity to take parts of their education abroad.

The Danish education system has a programme for international cooperation, and companies all over the world can get a trainee for part of their education.

The educations at the technical college in Denmark are built of both practical experience and class teaching. The students swop between periods of class teaching and practical experience all beginning with 20 weeks of class teaching. Therefore, the students have some experience when they are ready to go abroad. It is during the periods of practical experience we offer this option.

The benefits of getting a trainee from HANSENBERG:

We aim to have good students who take pride in their work, and who know about their profession. They learn to be good team players, to optimize their working procedures and be able to initiate a job.

If you are interested in a trainee from Denmark, please contact us


International Coordinators


Hans Riehmann

0045 2933 6187


Helge Lei Hansen

0045 7932 0266 


Jette Schou

0045 7932 0371

0045 2023 4720